Our Company.

D.A.T.E. International is an established international freight forwarder and logistics agent that specializes in the transportation of hazardous materials and military supplies. We process service requests for all entities and/or foreign governments that are authorized under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

We deal exclusively with a global source of agents that we know to be reliable and reputable. All of our agents are subject to government regulations dealing with the transportation of licensed cargoes.

Our Expertise.

The staff at D.A.T.E. International are experts in the transportation of foreign military supplies and hazardous materials. Due to the nature of our trade, each staff member is required to complete the training requirements of the Department of Transportation 49 CFR Multi-Modal Transportation Program.

We are also registered with the Department of State's Office of Defense Trade Controls in addition to the Department of Transportation. Our compliance with these programs ensures that all shipments through D.A.T.E. International comply with all national and international laws of transportation, including international traffic and arms regulations.

Our Mission.

Our objective is to provide uninterrupted, door-to-door shipping services for our clients and the shipment recipients. In order to reach our goal, our agents are available by phone 24/7 until the mission is completed.

All transportation services are reviewed carefully and handled in accordance with all applicable laws to ensure full compliance with U.S. Customs and International Customs regulations.

Our Clients.

We are privileged to have a client list which ranges from U.S. Government Contractors to Foreign Governments. Our services come highly recommended as a source of reliable and knowledgeable logistics agents within the industry since 1983.